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Featured Rent To Buy Houses in Boca Raton, Florida

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How Rent To Own Real Estate Works

Also known as a lease option, rent to buy homes are a type of owner financing tor real estate properties.

While the terms of the agreements can vary from house to house, the typical scenario is one in which the owner is looking to sell the property but is willing to accept payment over a period of time, rather than an up front settlement.

In this case, the buyer and seller both agree on the selling price of the home, and the terms of the purchase agreement, specifying things such as payment terms, interest, and length of the agreement.

Usually, owner-financed properties are paid off much sooner than a traditional bank mortgage, but by allowing the renter time to accrue equity in the house, the renter can often roll over that equity into a traditional mortgage after 1-3 years, if the need arises.

Every month the renter/buyer makes a payment to the seller. Typically, part of this payment is credited as rent, while a second part is credited towards the interest on the loan and/or equity in the home. Over time, the renter can then buy out the seller, even if the renter didn’t originally have a large downpayment or the credit needed to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Boca Raton Lease Purchase Homes and Houses

While there are many advantages to lease option, or lease to purchase homes, one of the main difficulties can be in locating the currently available properties.

Many rent to own listings are never uploaded to national or local databases, since it is common for sellers to work independently and not go through a real estate agent for these transactions. It is also common for sellers of owner financed, rent to buy properties to sell their homes casually, meaning that they are interested in selling, but are in no hurry to do so, meaning the listings are not widely publicized.

To find the full list of rent to buy properties in your area, you need to sign up for a dedicated listing service, which works to identify all of the relevant opportunities within your target geographical area.

Without a reputable listing agency, finding these properties can be extremely difficult!

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Listings for Rent To Buy Properties in Boca Raton, Florida

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Palm Beach County, one of the prime areas you might want to consider is Boca Raton, Florida.

Known world-wide as a popular retirement destination, Boca Raton is so much more than a bunch of octogenarians living it up in the Florida heat. It also has a thriving nightlife, tons of incredible restaurants, and a good track record for putting on world-class concerts and other entertainment choices year round.

Additionally, Boca Raton is only a short ride from Fort Lauderdale, which hosts many more options and acts as a gateway to the broader Miami area, meaning you can literally get anything you want, at any time.

Properties in Boca Raton trend towards the upper middle class to the luxurious, but there are plenty of good deals to be found, as long as you know where to look.

One of the greatest opportunities now available in the area are homes that are for sale by owner. These houses are often offered on a lease option basis. That equates to a strong rent to own home market for buyers, and the ability to find good investment opportunities in many places across the city.

Rent to own houses aren’t just for people who are cash strapped or have low credit scores, they also help many individuals, couples, and families buy into the condo, apartment, or house they want but might not be able to afford were they relegated only to the narrow requirements of most mortgage lenders.

If you find yourself in that situation, or simply are interested in exploring the possibility further, than your best option is to sign up with an online listing service for rent to buy properties, which will allow you to browse through all of the homes available in your area, and quickly sort through the ones you like and those you don’t.

These services are also important when it comes to finding accurate and up to date listings, so you don’t waste your time browsing houses and apartments that sold three years ago and aren’t actually on the market anymore.

To get started and find rent to own home listings in Boca Raton, just click the link on this page and start browsing for your dream home today!


Whether you’re a first time homebuyer looking for a quality home that doesn’t require a large downpayment, or a veteran real estate investor trying to expand your portfolio with cash flow positive properties, rent to own homes can be a great way to find the property that’s right for you.

Before you jump in and buy the first home with a lease option you find, however, there a few things you should keep in mind.

Don’t Overpay for the Property

The first point to keep in mind is that many sellers charge a premium for rent to buy properties. This reflects the fact that they are effectively carrying over a loan on the property for the renter, and because of that feel they can charge a price that’s on their own terms, which can translate to a higher than normal price, compared to what the house would sell for if it were listed on the traditional market.

The ability to purchase a home with little to no downpayment can lure unsophisticated buyers into thinking the purchase is a good deal, when in reality the premium asking price doesn’t line up with the “great deal” buyers think they’re getting from the property.

Agree On Clear Rent To Buy Contract Terms

Another area to be cautious when considering a rent to own house is what, exactly, the terms of the arrangement are.

These contract terms can vary widely from one seller to another, and – despite what anyone might tell you – there really are no “standard” terms to follow. The short answer is that the terms will be whatever you can negotiate with the seller.

In some cases, the buyers and sellers agree on a monthly price, and a portion of that price is attributed to the cost of renting and living in the property, while another portion is attributed towards equity in the house. Often times, this arrangement is set up for 1-3 years, allowing the buyer enough time to build equity in the house that can be used as a downpayment to finance a loan for the remainder of the sale.

Other times, the seller will officially sell the house to the individuals upfront, for a very small downpayment, and then carry back financing on the house. In this case, be sure to clarify the interest rate used, as the seller is effectively acting as a bank. Because this type of transaction is often arranged for low credit buyers who cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage, interest rates can be high, and make the purchase a bad deal. The seller also usually retains the right to assume control of the property in case the buyer defaults on the purchase, just as a bank would foreclose on a mortgage. The difference is that many sellers look for any excuse to repossess the house and are often inflexible in their arrangements.

Many Rent To Own Houses Aren’t Listed with Agents

Finally, it’s also important to keep in mind that many rent to own property options aren’t listed with your traditional real estate agents. That’s because sellers of rent to buy homes are usually real estate investors, not individual homeowners, and know how to sell the property without needing to cough up fees to the real estate agencies.

This can be beneficial, since it will ultimately save transaction costs for the purchase, which can translate into a lower price, but it can also mean that if you’re shopping for a home exclusively through an agent, you might miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

The solution is to sign up for a comprehensive list of available rent to own properties in your area. These resources generally charge a small fee (around $50) but are worth the investment if you’re serious about finding a great property. You’ll also be able to work directly with the sellers, which will save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Epoxy Paint.

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  • No hassle of preparing the floors beforeto apply this.
  • After a few months the original concrete floor does start to show up.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • After the chemical reactions have taken a place a thin plastic material is produced.
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings although take time to cure.
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  • You would have to prepare the concrete surface beforehand.
  • This is applied in layers, one upon the other.
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How to install epoxy floor coating preparations?

You need a properly prepared and set concrete surface before you put on the epoxy floor coating. If there are any cracks or dents or any uneven surfaces, our experts would remove them and make the floor perfectly level. Any grease or oily stains will thus be removed as well, so that no chances are taken in giving you the perfect end product.

Here is the Epoxy Floor Installation Process

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