The ABCs of Properly Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City have floor coating made of epoxy or polymer that makes it tough, resilient, and durable. In industrial or commercial settings, it’s the floor of choice due to its anti-slip and anti-static properties on top of its hardiness. It’s used in many other applications as well, such as being the floor of choice for shopping malls, factories, schools, offices, and homes. Epoxy floors are mainly used as warehouse floors, walkways, high traffic hallways, sunroom floors, and garage floors. A durable epoxy surface can also withstand the weight and traffic of heavy machinery, large tools, and vehicles. It’s one of the hardiest and accident-resistant floors around. It’s a great choice for a flooring surface for more reasons than one.

The Importance of Minimum Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is pretty easy to maintain if you follow several ground rules. You should remove dirt and grit from it daily for one thing. Debris can wear down its epoxy coating, thus tarnishing its high luster and degrading the material after months and years of neglect. Keep the floor in top shape with minimal custodian maintenance in the form of vacuuming with a shop vacuum and mopping with warm water. This will prevent janitorial headaches in the future.

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Floors

When cleaning a heavily soiled and neglected epoxy floor so that you won’t have to recoat it or replace the whole flooring with a new layer, you should first sweep and vacuum the entire area in a careful fashion. From there, remove the items that gt in your way. After getting rid of the surface grime and grit, get a hard-foam mop and hot water to mop or scrub away the layers of dirt that has built up over time.

Clear Ammonia and Water Mix

Mix 2-3 ounces of ammonia per gallon of hot water then use the solution for a second mopping after all the initial mopping has been done. When dealing with stains like rust, you might need to lightly scrub them using a soft deck brush or a kitchen scrubbing sponge as well as warm water. Don’t use harsh chemicals like Comet or a steel wool brush, their abrasiveness will remove the epoxy coating. Ask a professional if recoating is called for as well.