How to Make the Best of Your Business Travel

Business travel can be tedious. This is especially true when you end up stuck in a soulless, generic hotel for the hours that you aren’t in a business meeting. However, there are some things that you can do to make your time pass more easily and have a good time while traveling, too.

Avoid Chain Hotels

If at all possible, stay away from the chain hotels that are interchangeable from one city to the next. These can be depressing even for pleasure travelers. Before your trip, search online for odd and unusual lodging that has a good deal of personality. Bed and breakfast establishments and smaller, independent hotels tend to have a great deal of character and are usually more relaxing than cookie-cutter hotels.How to Make the Best of Your Business Travel

Kick the Jet Lag Early

If you travel from one coast to the other or travel internationally, jet lag can be a big frustration, read more about jet lag remedies at You don’t have to just accept jet lag as a fact, though. There are some ways to get over it more quickly so that you don’t feel like your body clock is upside-down. If it will be daytime at your destination, avoid sleeping on the plane; if it will be night, try to take a nap. Stay hydrated, but stay away from caffeine and alcohol, as both can dehydrate you further. If you’r jet lag will be severe enough that your days and nights are completely misarranged, fast for 12 to 16 hours before you will be arriving at your destination and eat at the next breakfast. This will get your body’s clock turned over to the right meal schedule. Be sure to expose yourself to sunlight. The sun is one of the main triggers in sleep rhythm. By opening your hotel room curtains so that you can see sunlight and sunsets, your jet lag will begin to lessen automatically.


There is nothing that says you have to sit in your hotel room unless you are actively pursuing business. When you find yourself with nothing to do, explore the city a little. Lookup a few interesting sights or activities and have some fun. Ask someone at the front desk or locals about these. You might end up clued in about places that many tourists overlook. Look for strange tourist attractions; virtually every city has them. You can also do an internet search for area events around the date you will be there, as well. These can give you unique activities that will allow you to spend your time more productively than if you were parked in the hotel and watching fuzzy cable.

Eat-in Interesting Places

Don’t settle for tepid room service or in-hotel meals. Go out and find nice restaurants that have some quirky personality or good cultural cuisine. However, don’t be tempted to eat anything that you know gives you indigestion or an upset stomach. Also, make sure that you don’t eat anywhere that might be questionable. Eat at establishments that are busy and have high stars. You don’t want to spend your trip being sick because you ate at a gorgeous place that turned out not to have good hygiene.