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Featured Rent To Buy Houses in Hollywood, Florida

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How Rent To Own Real Estate Works

Also known as a lease option, rent to buy homes are a type of owner financing tor real estate properties. the floating city of Hollywood has turned from sci-fiction to reality

While the terms of the agreements can vary from house to house, the typical scenario is one in which the owner is looking to sell the property but is willing to accept payment over a period of time, rather than an upfront settlement.

In this case, the buyer and seller both agree on the selling price of the home, and the terms of the purchase agreement, specifying things such as payment terms, interest, and length of the agreement.

Usually, owner-financed properties are paid off much sooner than a traditional bank mortgage, but by allowing the renter time to accrue equity in the house, the renter can often roll over that equity into a traditional mortgage after 1-3 years, if the need arises.


Every month the renter/buyer makes a payment to the seller. Typically, part of this payment is credited as rent, while a second part is credited towards the interest on the loan and/or equity in the home. Over time, the renter can then buy out the seller, even if the renter didn’t originally have a large downpayment or the credit needed to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Hollywood Lease Purchase Homes and Houses

While there are many advantages to lease option or lease to purchase homes, one of the main difficulties can be in locating the currently available properties.

Many rents to own listings is never uploaded to national or local databases since it is common for sellers to work independently and not go through a real estate agent for these transactions. It is also common for sellers of owner financed, rent to buy properties to sell their homes casually, meaning that they are interested in selling, but are in no hurry to do so, meaning the listings are not widely publicized.

To find the full list of rent to buy properties in your area, you need to sign up for a dedicated listing service, which works to identify all of the relevant opportunities within your target geographical area.

Without a reputable listing agency, finding these properties can be extremely difficult!

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Listings for Rent To Buy Properties in Hollywood, Florida

Thinking about moving to Hollywood? No, we’re not talking about the infamous Hollywood of La-La-Land, where you’ll find celebrities rolling up in their Teslas and Porsches, but Hollywood, Florida, an often overlooked gem in the heart of Broward County.

You’re probably more familiar with Broward County for being the home of Fort Lauderdale, the luxurious seaside city home to many multi-million dollar mansions and impressive yachts. That fact alone should tell you just how desirable the area is, and the good news is that Hollywood has all of the advantages of its neighbor without the same high ticket home prices.

Buying a home in Hollywood, FL, in fact, has never been easier. This region was pretty hard hit after the real estate boom a decade ago, and now house prices have mostly recovered to more normal levels. What that means for you as a prospective homebuyer is that you’re able to find good deals in a market that is very stable, and shows promising long term growth for the future.

Whether you’re purchasing a home for you and your family or looking to add an investment property to your portfolio, perhaps the best way to purchase real estate in Broward County is through a rent to buy homeownership programs.

Rent to buy houses are properties that are usually offered for sale by owner, meaning that many real estate agents don’t know about them, and give you a great opportunity to move into a home without paying a large deposit up front. Instead, you work to buy out the previous owner over time, as the rent you pay each month will contribute to the cost of the house.

For many people, this is the only way they could afford the home and qualify for a mortgage, but even if you have cash to spend, it can still be a great deal, since you don’t have to tie up any of your money in the house itself, but instead can pay off the value of the house overtime. This is similar to how a mortgage would work, but with the advantage that you can have 100% financing.

To find lease option properties in Hollywood, FL, all you need to do is sign up for an online listing service. These companies maintain current listing information for properties in your area and are able to get you in touch with home sellers who are amenable to negotiating a rent to own deal.

Having access to a comprehensive list of homes is essential if you’re serious about purchasing a rent to buy a home, because otherwise, it can be difficult to really feel out the market and know what your true options are.

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