Kitchen with Vintage

Vintage or period motifs have become one of the hottest trends in home kitchen design, but your Old World kitchen doesn’t need to feature modern-looking faucets to take advantage of the latest technology. Whether creating an original design, restoring an old kitchen, or simply redecorating, more homeowners are turning to period-style plumbing fixtures that offer traditional style with all the modern conveniences.

“It’s all about marrying style and function,” says Jeff Pratt of Danze, a manufacturer of decorative plumbing products including kitchen and bath faucets, bath accessories, and shower systems. “Today’s styles are greatly inspired by the past but must live and function in the present. As more homeowners gravitate to high-performance kitchens, the industry is responding with new products and finishes that provide it all — function and style.”

In addition to products such as the pot filler faucet (a faucet-mounted near the stove to bring water right to the stovetop) and various pull-down or pull-out faucets, other high-performance kitchen products like commercial-style dish rinse faucets and even hands-free electronic faucets are quickly gaining popularity. Though modern in function, their range of styles and finishes ensure even the most up-to-date kitchens can evoke the grandeur of an earlier age.

“Creating ambiance in the kitchen is all about the details, so homeowners shouldn’t underestimate the impact of a unique finish,” Pratt says. “For many years, stainless steel has led the way in popularity for kitchen appliances and accessories, but if you’re going for vintage style, you can now rely on a range of aged or distressed finishes to complete your look.”

Coordinating metal finishes is one of the easiest ways to create a professionally designed look in your kitchen. Oil rubbed, black and other types of subdued finishes are appearing on faucets, lighting, cabinet knobs and other trim and hardware elements for the kitchen, which offers a simple way to create a period-inspired look. As you work to put a vintage stamp on your kitchen, try these simple tips to help accentuate your decor:

Select components with a vintage style in an antique finish to set the tone for your design. For example, a farmhouse-style sink with a wall-mounted kitchen faucet in a traditional style is a great way to capture a more rustic look of days gone by.

Extend the look of your faucet. Replace cabinet knobs to match the finish and styling of your faucet selection. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to tie your decor together. Try a new backsplash tile that features an aged finish (such as copper glaze) or a distressed texture to expand your look with an eye-catching display.

Consider a wood countertop for your center island. Apart from offering a more traditional look, it will provide a food-safe and heat-resistant work surface.

Makeover your ordinary dishwasher or other appliances by adding a vintage-inspired door panel. Dishwasher and refrigerator doors are especially well suited to “hide” their functionality.

With today’s variety of styles and finishes, kitchens with a vintage flavor can also offer modern-day convenience and function. Integrate some of these details into your next kitchen project and you’ll be sure to strike the perfect balance.